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Sometimes, there's more to insurance coverage than what a job can provide. When you're looking for the right individual health plans for your needs, Affordable Employee Benefits is here to make sure your family stays healthy.


When you're looking for the best choices to keep your loved ones healthy, we have over 30 years of experience in helping people just like you. Make sure your family is protected with a customized approach to health coverage!

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•   Co-Pay $15/25

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Don't let health care stand in your way. Instead, get the dependable help you deserve with our experts!

Insurance benefits are a big part of living a healthy life. Come equipped with the best Affordable Employee Benefits!

We have clients with:

•  Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi

•  American National

•  Humana

•  UnitedHealthcare

•  Mutual of Omaha

•  Fortis

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